This is the story of the Guild: Heroes Roost. There are many characters that have joined the guild, but my character is Alan Arthur King, the human paladin. Multiple quests are available to the guildmembers, but unfortunately, Alan cannot join every quest, so there will (hopefully be) some quest blogs in the future. Happy reading!

The Quest for the Perfect Stick – by Bluebell Session 6 April 2022 Hunting Party: Bluebell Snuzzle Poppy Periwinkle Hi! My name is Bluebell the Bard. Together with my close friend Periwinkle, I am an adventurer at the Heroes Roost. Now Periwinkle had a problem. He […]
The graveyard portal – by Lorraine Session 16 March 2022 Hunting party: Lorraine Aedan Zelda Ignis The last time I went on a quest we found a portal in an abandoned house in the grey shire district. Then when I went on the quest for the […]
Sword Quest: Mercenaries of the Lost War – by Poppy Session 8 March 2022 Hunting party: Poppy Snuzzle Crewial Zeph There we were, in the basement, watching Snuzzle do a weird dance to touch the sword with his tail. I don’t know, but that bunny is […]
Gipsy Camp – by Alan Arthur King Session Friday 4 March 2022 Hunting party: Myrddin Buzu Crewial Echo Alan “Hey Alan, we’re leaving! Are you still in your room?” I hear from outside the door. Crap, I must’ve slept so tight I could not hear the […]
An invisible menace – by Poppy Session 23 February 2022 Hunting party Haromyr Ignis Lorraine Poppy Looking at the quest board I really did not know which way to go. ‘Deliver a package to Abu’ sounds like a very good opportunity to meet the father of […]
A package for Abu – by Anki Laine Session 16 February 2022 Hunting party Anki Aedan Zelda Snuzzle Hello Alan, As we discussed during our previous encounter, I am keeping this short travel journal to describe the developments that occur during our journey to the City […]
Something Fey – by Zeph Glitterflitter Session 10 February 2022 Hunting party Tamir Zeph Daralei Periwinkle Bluebell This is a quick report by me, Zeph Glitterflitter, of a quest Heroes Roost completed for the Council of Wesert. You’ll read in the report why, but damn I’m […]
The Newborn Temple – by Aedan Rhogar Session 3 February 2022 Participants: Ignis Spark Crewial Haromyr Aedan Rhogar …And then everything went dark… Arggghh my head! … Arghhh my body! Why does everything hurt so much? Where am I? What was I doing? My name is […]
Demons in Greyshire – by Haromyr Session 26 January 2022 Participants Snuzzle Lorraine Canon Haromyr A shepherd and his fluffle, a battle master and his bunnies, a warrior and his hares, call it what you want, but this quest was to be completed by a human […]
A mineshaft full of gnolls – by Tamir Code/Decimator Session 27 January 2022 Participants: Mevin Periwinkle Bluebell Tamir Code Prologue: An interesting read Tamir Code climbs up the stairs from the guild training room after preparing for his next quest to fix a gnoll problem in […]
A nice day out – by Alan Arthur King Session 21 January 2022 Participants: Anki Poppy Zeph Alan Earlier this week I’ve attempted to find an armor-smith to fix my chain mail because it was eroded from the touch of the pudding and oozes the last […]
Pyramid in the desert – by Ignis Spark Session 19 January 2022 Participants: Anki Mevin Snuzzle Ignis The Order gave me a home after the slavers killed my familyThe Order gave me trainingThe Order gave me a purposeThe Order also bored me half to death I […]
Goblin plague – by Lorraine Session 13 January 2022 Participants Lorraine Poppy Periwinkle Bluebell Lorraine walks over to the quest board, a lot of members already signed up for different types of guests. She sees a quest where Periwinkle the satyr has signed for.  She remembers […]
Helmed Horror – by Alan Arthur King Session 11 January 2022 Participants Myrddin Emrys Zeph Glitterflitter Tamir Code Alan Arthur King Together with Myrddin, I walk to the quest board – we’ve signed up for the Helmed Horror quest, and we see more Guild members have […]
Oozes and Slimes – by Crewial Quest 10 January 2022 Participants: Dolie Daralei Frisky Freak Crewial After returning back to the Guild’s home, those Guild members who participated in Battle Royal see a quest board scattered with all kinds of small notes. After the initial fuss […]
Battle Royale – by Alan Arthur King Session 6 January 2022 Participants: Zeph Glitterfitter Lorraine Ignis Spark Crewial Anki Laine Tamir Code/Decimator Periwinkle Mevin Daralei Aedan Rhogar Jesus Alan Arthur King A large group of fighters makes its way to the fighting pit. I’ve asked Myrddin […]