Here you can read the stories of Bree Gemgee and Evanna Spectre. Bree was the first character I created for this campaign, a halfling rogue based on Bilbo Baggins. Unfortunately, Bree died, and I had to create a new character. This resulted in Evanna Spectre, a Kalashtar cleric.

The white dragon Session 30 May 2021 We try to lure the […]
Blagothkus the giant Session 25 May 2021 We stand inside the room […]
We all survived, except Elenyr. Session 16 May 2021 For a second, […]
Death saves and a unicorn Session 2 May 2021 Evanna is still […]
Stone Golems and a Giant Castle Session 18 April 2021 We embark […]
Teleportation circle Session 28th of March 2021 I missed one session, where […]
Razmirs’ chambers Session 28 February 2021 We still sit in the cabin […]
The unexpected escape Session 31 January 2021 More and more enemies join […]
Session 24 January 2021 Adventure hookI’m lost. A black dragon is occasionally […]
Session 10 January 2021 We ended the previous session in a room […]